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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Your hardware selection is probably one of the last things you will do in your kitchen remodel.  The cabinet hardware that you choose will make a tremendous impact on the look and feel of your entire kitchen.

Selection for style is important, but so is functionality.  You will be touching and using this hardware many times a day so you need to consider this when making your final selection.

With so many designs and finishes available for cabinet hardware, it can be painful to make that final selection.  Here are some tips to help you choose:


cabinet hardware style

​Selecting a Style

One of the more common questions for cabinet hardware is knobs or pulls?  First consider the style of your kitchen.  If your new kitchen is somewhat traditional then generally knobs are used for doors and pulls are used for drawers.   Using all knobs can combine well with a cottage kitchen, but if you are going for a more contemporary or modern kitchen don’t be afraid to use pulls on everything.

The most important thing is how the hardware feels in your hand.  Larger knobs are easier to use as there is more surface to grab onto.  Pulls are even easier to use than knobs, especially if you choose ones large enough to get your hand through.

Also keep scale in mind.  If you have a tall door pantry, then a long pull turned vertically looks amazing.

cabinet hardware finish

​Selecting a Finish

When it comes to selecting a finish for your cabinet hardware, let your room be your guide.  Take a look at the finish on your cabinets as well as the metals on your major appliances, your sink, your faucets and other fixtures.

 Choose a finish that will coordinate with the other metals in your kitchen and also contrasts with your cabinets.

 For example, if you have dark cabinets and stainless steel appliances, perhaps choose brushed satin nickel hardware.  This will blend with the stainless steel and contrast with the darker cabinet.  Just remember that if the cabinet hinges are exposed, you should be a little more particular as your hardware should have the same finish as your hinges to keep the look consistent throughout.

kitchen hardware budget

​Considering Your Budget

Kitchen cabinet hardware is available in a variety of materials, from economical plastic to expensive yet elegant solid metal. An average kitchen can have anywhere between 25-40 knobs and pulls.  This can definitely add up quickly.

However, when choosing your hardware, it is wise to invest in quality knobs and pulls that are strong and functional. even if it costs a little more upfront.  The finish on the less expensive hardware can wear and wipe off over time, which will diminish the look of your new kitchen.  Solid metal hardware won’t dent, it will feel heavier and last longer.  This will add long-term value to your kitchen renovation.

Cabinets Plus of Muskoka works with our partners Richelieu and Marathon Hardware to bring you a large selection to choose from.

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